2017 by Jayne Knight

Sports Massage

There are 5 types of Sport Massage treatments:

  • Pre-event - used in conjuntion with a warm-up before an event or performance to stimulate circulation so that all cells have enough oxygen & nutrients to work at their optimum level. To warm and stretch the muscle tissues in order to minimis injury.

  • Post-event - used after an event or performance, preferable in the first 2 hours. Post-event massage helps starts the healing process required to prevent micro traumas becoming problematic. With a combination of techniques swelling can be reduced/prevented, enables a deeper stretch and relax tense muscle fibres, the removal of waste preventing muscle fatigue & stiffness making recovery 3/4 times more effective than just resting after an event.

  • Between-event - used in multiple events or knock-out competitions. Between-event massage uses pre and post-event techniques to treat damage and muscle fatigue as well as preparing the body for the next event.

  • Preventative Massage - part of an athletes training program to improve general performance, pinpoint & protect problem areas.

    • Improves lymph & blood circulation

    • Improves suppleness, ROM, tone, reduces stiffness & adhesion

    • Help identify problems early

    • Enhances performance

  • Corrective Massage - treatment of injuries, a more focused treatment as it pinpoints problem areas e.g. past injuries, weak spots, muscle groups most in use. Corrective massage enables faster healing & recovery from injuries.

Sports Massage is not just for the athlete it can be for anyone with persistent pain, restricted range of movement or injury that can benefit. Through a consultation and body testing areas of concern can be focused on. With a home care program to allow for continued recovery.