2017 by Jayne Knight

What treatment you need all depends on the results you are looking for. For example you may be suffering from headaches, neck, shoulder or back pain and think you need a deep tissue/pain relief massage. Yet if your lifestyle involves a lot of stress and anxiety a Swedish massage would be of more benefit.  Not all pain is caused through an injury, muscles tightened through stress can deliver large amounts of pain and a regular general massage could be all you need.

Everybody is unique, no one of us are the same. Genetics, environmental factors, lifestyle and beliefs, the list goes on and each one of us experiences nearly all of them at different levels and different times. This is why when you come to me for a treatment I listen to you as a unique individual and work out a treatment which will achieve the results you require.

While a one to one consultation is the best way to decide on a treatment, I can give you some idea if you give me a call or send me a message.

What Treatment Do I Need?