Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage works on the various layers of muscles and tendons around the body. Painful and stiff areas are worked on using specific stokes and pressure.


Does it hurt?

Deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable at times but many say it’s more relieving than painful. Communication is the key to avoid any unnecessary discomfort, so if anything becomes too uncomfortable a different approach or technique can be applied.


What causes tightness and pain in a muscle?

As well as injury, repetitive overuse, acute or chronic overload, there is also other contributing factors to muscular knots and stiffness such as stress, anxiety, dehydration and unhealthy eating habits.


What are muscle knots/trigger points?

Myofascial trigger points are often known as muscle knots and are generally created when muscle fibres contract involuntary causing pain and dysfunction.

Tiny tears occur when the muscular fibers, tendons, ligaments and fascia become weakened, overstretched or inflamed.


What do knots/trigger points feel like?

Reduced flexibility with some or complete weakness within the muscle with discomfort can vary from a dull ache to a deep pressing pain, numbness, tingling or a burning sensation.


How I work

During all my treatments comfort is my priority as this enables relaxation, which in turn creates better results.

To begin with I start relaxing and warming the complete area to be focused on with a general massage. This can be the whole back including the neck and shoulders or the whole leg for example. During this time I assess and formulate a treatment plan which is adaptable according to the reaction of the muscles and any other tight or painful areas I might find. The degree of pressure and strokes used depends on the client feedback on what they are feeling. This allows my client to stay relaxed and for me to achieve better results.


The Benefits of Massage

The physical, mental and sometimes environmental stresses we put on our body through can be too much for us to cope with and over time we struggle to perform at ou full potential.

Massage has been used for more than a millenium in many cultures all over the world as part off or sometimes the main source of keeping fit and health.

Massage can be adapted for variuos outcomes but generally all types of massage have some degree of effectivness on the following:

Cleansing-toning-stimulating-relaxing-rehabilitating and maintaining.

It works on the physical and mental side of our body making it an all round enjoyable and effective treatment.

Packages & Bundles

6 x Treatments

10% Off

It is recommended a course of six treatments is required to resolve an issue. Although this in not always the case, it is not until I have finished the first treatment that I can give you an idea on how many will be needed.

Alternatively a maintenance treatment is recommended every 4-6 weeks.

Pick Any 2

5% Off

Combine any two treatments and receive 5% off. Favourite combo is a choice of massage followed with the natural face lift massage which includes a head massage.


What They Say

"Seen Jayne for shoulder and back issues from a sporting injury, re-aligned my posture in my back to allow much more flexibility, full professional service provided would highly recommended. - Darren Morris"

"I've been going to see Jayne for over two years now and she was able to get to the root cause of my severe pins and needles. Somehow the NHS couldn't manage this after many years trying. Jayne is very knowledgeable and is just great at her job. - Andrew Bowles"

"So relaxing ....!!! Best massage.. ever!! - Mariko Chan"

"Really knows what she is talking about. Helping out massively in treatment of on going condition. - Sam & Mary's Outdoor Life"

"Had my neck sorted out today been really bad for over 3 months. Would recommend using Jayne ! Really nice experience. Lovely lady. - Andrew Hayes"

"Amazing, feeling very relaxed and really helped. Gave good guidance and very knowledgeable. Would definitely go back - Emma Bacon"

"Thank you Jayne for your magical expertise in treating my lower back. I can't believe how quickly you have made such a difference. - Rosina Newton"

"Has helped me lots with aches and pains from injury as well as being very relaxing. - Luke Knight"

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